Miriam Peretz


Workshops in Berlin

Sacred Dance of the Silk Road
with Miriam Peretz

Video with Miriam

Central Asian dance infused with contemporary and devotional movement practices.

Sacred Dance of the Silk Road is a unique format developed by Miriam Peretz, offering a full range of expression from traditional Silk Road dances, to devotional, contemporary, and improvisational movement. Each session is layered with group rituals and a holistic integration of mind, body and heart. Sessions open with an invocation, a greeting of the divine presence within the group and space, becoming fully present, and connecting with community in the sacred circle of dance. Then moving onto an intensive contemporary inspired warm-up, focusing on the spirals of the body, fluidity in the spine, contract/release, and getting the blood flowing. At the heart of the dances is devotion, so emotionally quality is explored, as is the art of turning, integral to all Central Asian dance forms. Each workshop will focus on a different aspect of Central Asian dance through technique, choreography, and improvisation.